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Facilities @ Disha Diagnostic Center

Medical Tourism

India has become the healthcare destination of the world. India offers international quality healthcare facilities coupled with personalized care and hospitality, at 1/5th to 1/10th of the cost as com

Pathology Lab

Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases. Specifically, it relates to examining body tissue and bodily fluids for diagnostic purposes. It is only by equipping pathology labs with

Diagnostic Services

At Disha Diagnostics, we conduct a broad range of tests essential to the basic management of patient care allowing physicians to detect diseases earlier, make diagnosis, prescribe therapies and monito

Corporate Wellness

Happy, productive people have a positive effect on the working environment and are the biggest asset for any organization. However, increasingly sedentary lifestyles are making employees far more pron

Preventive Health Checkup

The modern lives we lead are fraught with a number of traps that make us ignore the most important machine we live with everyday; our bodies. It becomes very easy to remain in the traps that prevent u

Home Health Care

We provide you with the convenience of getting your tests done from your respective homes. Home service is a provision which we provide to all those who are either medically challenged or too busy wit